2013 In Film Trends: Giggles, Sobs, Heroes, Awe

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Hollywood films house more cliches than any other media outlet. Since the origin of film archetypes like heroes, damsels in distress, villains and funny guys have been exploited. In 2013, bloggers are already abuzz with predictions and hopes that the upcoming year's blockbusters will break the shackles of tradition. Hopefully, they'll at least exceed our expectations for them. With a handful of fun new takes on traditional subject matter and a laugh a minute, where do you think this years cinema trends will lead us?

Sweeping Epics With a Twist

Mr. Shyamalan is back. Will Smith and his heir apparent (son Jaden) take the front seat in the action epic After Earth. The film opens in June and looks like it will boast a load of not-so-vague references to environmentalism. The big question is whether the film will feature the (seemingly mandatory) Shyamalan Twist. Smith generally has an eye for landing blockbuster roles, and Jaden seems ready to break out of his adorable phase and into a more manly bracket. Maybe it will end up being this year's Avatar.

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Funny Girls and Glib Guys

Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman's Identity Thief opens February first. The film takes the audience on a hilarious ride through different types of identity theft as only the charmingly cute and irresistibly crafty McCarthy can. The film is part slapstick, some of the same joy brought to us in Bridesmaids. Layered in are the glib, understated perils of the American man, similar to Bateman's character in films like Extract. Although many of the visual gags are a bit obvious and predictable, these two have a definite on screen charisma together, and their likability alone is enough to carry the film.

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Zombies Galore

In recent years Zombies have waddled and bellowed their way into our hearts more than ever. On February 7th, Warm Bodies, starring Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer, promises to bring us a fresh vantage point to the genre. Written and directed by Jonathan Levine, this action-dramedy takes us to a zombie world we've never seen. Hoult's character R, figures out that love is the ultimate anti-viral when he sees the beautiful Julie (Palmer). As he progressively learns to feel again, he helps to save the humans from other hoards of flesh eaters.


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Fairy Tales With Flair

How Jeremy Renner was lured into starring in Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters we may never know. Despite Disney and Pixar having cornered the market on successful fairy tale reboots, the rest of Hollywood keeps churning them out. This version finds Hansel and Gretel as sexy grown-ups traveling the world and slaughtering witches as they go. Perhaps an attempt at riding the supernatural coat-tails of other popular franchises, this witches' brew is missing a few ingredients.

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With the rise of the femme-funny genre, the dark and CGI-filled epic and some of the standard (and tired) Hollywood concoctions it looks like 2013 will have some major movie highlights after all. Until then, there's also the new Zack Snyder Superman reboot Man Of Steel and the second Hobbit film!

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